Getting to Know Yoga Yacht

Being on boat, traveling on a body of water, we connect to our deeper selves. There is nothing more thrilling than wind whipping through your hair. It can feel as though time has stopped, and you are enveloped with the pleasure of connection to breath, body, and the sea. 

Yoga Yacht # 1 was a fundraiser, where we chartered a party boat, and did yoga on the beach, to raise money for Mentoring USA. We have passion for helping people tap into the power of the mind/body connection.

We’ve been getting to know the yachting community, through putting together yoga sessions on boats for sale or charter. We aim to bring Yoga Yacht to new heights. 

Our boat-based wellness events bring together like-minded individuals for unique, life-changing adventure. We enjoy the moment and connect with our inner selves. 

Bond, thrive, and experience the pleasures of life: This is what Yoga Yacht is all about. From party boats, sailing ships, and luxury yachts around the world, Yoga Yacht is ready to grow and inspire with you.